8 nov 2011

Simona Barbagallo."Strangers" Premio ExperimentoBio2011

Simona Barbagallo (Bologna 1976)
Lives and works in Milan. She attended the Brera Academy of Fine Arts where he graduated in technology that specializes in art and photography. Her work explores the nature of social communication in the whole visual language through the medium of photography and the Internet. Throughout his research explores the possibility of intervention of person in relation to other human beings. The intention is to lay bare the structural characteristics of the chosen medium, dissecting the cultural and textual. Among the finalists for the International Prize and the Prize Vivid Celeste, exhibited in Milan wing Steam Factory, the Castello Sforzesco and other private galleries, participated in numerous collective in Italy and abroad. Is member of several collectives such as Isola Art Center and is part of the team of Tomas Saraceno in the construction of the Museum Aerosol.
"Strangers·1", Simona Barbagallo

"Strangers·2", Simona Barbagallo

"Strangers·3", Simona Barbagallo

Strangers 2010
Chat online roulette is a new frontier for practicing forms of contradictory and paradoxical irony, nonsense, nonsense, perversion, stupidity, boredom, chaos stupore. Un Digital unsettling and powerful, in which the picture takes on new form and dimensione. Una Once on Chat Roulette we will instantly catapulted into a parallel universe where there is before presenting a sample of human types that we never dreamed of meeting in our vita.L 'antithesis of Facebook, therefore, the place where the certainty of friends countered by the alienating attraction / repulsion of the unknown, anxiety mixed with excitation of the leap of faith. A return to origins of the Internet, when you lived a continuous tension between chaos and control. Disturbing experience, at times powerful and at times alienating, capable of challenging a hard-won self-confidence and provide an exhilarating and intoxicating fnestra the vagaries of human nature. that I try to do in this mess is just trying to find / create portraits, almost apparently laid, which will postpone the security of an image that seems almost family.
Simona Barbagallo

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