14 sept. 2011

Riccardo Attanasio: Convolution

"Convolution I", Riccardo Attanasio

"Convolution II", Riccardo Attanasio

"Convolution III", Riccardo Attanasio

Two human beings with no identity. They are communicating through a third ephemeral body.
They are filtering information through a system that nowadays we blindly trust.
The two pictures at the edges represent the human intelligence which has produced the artificial intelligence (photo in the middle) in order to communicate. The human are black and white because human is giving more and more importance to new inventions and forgetting his/her own nature. The cables's photo is colored because it represents the present.
The tryptich has been put together in occasion of this web competition. The photos used to belong to two different projects by the artist.

Riccardo Attanasio

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