12 sept. 2011

Simona Barbagallo: Strangers

"Strangers#2" Simona Barbagallo

"Strangers#3" Simona Barbagallo

"Strangers#12" Simona Barbagallo

(30x40 cm, Installation, 15 digital picture frames)

Chat roulette is the antithesis of Facebook, the place where the certainty of alienating friends are opposed by the attraction / repulsion of the unknown, anxiety mixed with excitement of jumping into the void. Disturbing experience, at times powerful and at times

Simona Barbagallo
alienating, capable of challenging a hard-won self-confidence and provide an exhilarating and intoxicating fnestra on the vagaries of human nature. What I am doing in this mess is just trying to find / create portraits, almost seemingly laid, which will postpone the security of an image that looks almost familiar.

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